La Ménara
Morrocan Gastronomy
Restaurant - Tearoom

20, rue du Général de Gaulle
95430 Auvers-sur-Oise

01 34 48 02 11

Welcome to the website of Restaurant La Menara. We are open every day except Mondays (except Bank Holiday Mondays). You can download our map and our menus and, of course, book by phone. We also have a takeaway service. Simply order ... See you soon!

Welcome !

Opened in 2007, the Moroccan restaurant La Menara is now firmly rooted in the landscape Auversois.

With Samira, the owner herself and the kitchen is a typical and delicious food that is offered.

Couscous is naturally present, but these are the tagines and salty-sweet delicious that made the reputation of the place.

Samira also offers grills and salads under Moroccan method, not to mention delicious pastries and essential gazelle horns.

A takeaway service is also available.

A good place where decoration as the kitchen are the visitor traveling in a country and full of warmth and flavor culture.

In the kitchen, you will experience a sense of escape to Morocco and discover new oriental flavors.

Traditions !

As in southern Morocco, here you can enjoy all kinds of different specialties such as couscous, tagines, pastillas, sweet and savory dishes and familiarize yourself with its very special spices.

The love of well made kitchen can offer you authentic dishes with products brought from Morocco.

Tagines and salads are made with argan oil whose properties are excellent for health as a basis for beauty. Each dish is raised with its special and fragrant spice.

Discover the regions of Morocco by gastronomy: a Fassi tagine for the region of Fez, a tagine Soussi, specialty area of ​​Agadir and Mogador tagine with fish from the Essaouira region.

You can also try the olive bread and homemade pastries, accompanied by delicious almond or fig jam and tea with fresh mint.

Delights !

A Tearoom is open to the Menara: The Salon du Zouave.

You can then enjoy gourmet coffees and teas, hot and cold drinks along with oriental and French pastries.

Ice and fruit cups are also on the menu of the relaxation and gourmet snacks.

Berber tea with bread "house" with black olives and nomadic tea are all specialties now popular with visitors.

Menara offers at any time of the day, breakfast consists of nomadic southern Moroccan specialties, pastries "house", Berber pancakes, jam, fig jam or almond called "Amlou."

You can also enjoy a delicious taste Auversois consists of tea or coffee, fresh pastries, ice creams with different flavors or carpaccio of fresh fruit.

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- We are open every day except Mondays (except Bank Holiday Mondays) from 8:00 AM to 22:00 PM.
- Takeaways if you wish. Visit our map to make your choice. Thank you to order 24 hours prior from 25 people. And high-quality packaging for your menu.
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