The Zouave Menara

The portrait of the Zouave was conducted in 1888 in Arles modeled on the lieutenant Milliet.
Vincent Van Gogh meets the Algerian infantry soldier and persuaded to pose for several portraits and drawings.
The Zouave was a foreigner.
His profession was his country of France, but he was often out of the social life.
Note the expression of naive expectation and confidence but also a certain stiffness in the break.
Its wide open on the bottom seat legs reinforce the blaze of his flared trousers.
The huge deployment of her panties creates a perspective that makes the transition between contrast top and bottom of the character.
Auvers-sur-Oise is where Van Gogh is based, it was only natural to pay tribute to this great painter and appreciated worldwide.
For this, we installed an automatic table of the famous Zouave sitting in our restaurant..

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